At CÁRNICAS MORITZ S.L. we work to control the quality of the production process of our products, to ensure the end consumer will be able to have the very best flavours and the healthiest product on their table.

We are concerned about the wellbeing of our customers. Therefore, with the HACCP system implemented, all our production processes are subject to an extensive quality control. Thus, we have an overall work management system which allows us to guarantee the traceability of the processes. We are implementing the necessary procedures to obtain the IFS (International Food Standard). The IFS quality certificate is an international point of reference which will ensure our customers the highest food quality and safety throughout our range of products, as well as providing a guarantee of and confidence in continuous improvement in all our processes.

Thus, in the case of ham production, we have fulfilled the Traditional Speciality Guaranteed Product Specification for the production of JAMÓN SERRANO ETG since 2010, with certificate no. CC-JS-03/10. This is achieved by carefully selecting the best hams according to weight and fat at the outset. During the production process, these hams are cooled, salted, washed, cut in a V-shape, reduced in fat (outer layer), balanced, dried and cured in cellars under controlled conditions. Thus, the pieces that clearly meet the organoleptic qualities that characterise these unbeatable traditional products are classified as: BODEGA (minimum curing of 9 months), AGED (minimum curing of 12 months) or EXTRA AGED (minimum curing of 15 months).

The CÁRNICAS MIROTZ ham has a delicate, mildly salty taste and a pleasant, characteristic nose. Its colour tends to pink and a characteristic reddish purple and the cut is shiny and homogenous. It is uniform and homogenous in composition which makes it perfect for any kind of presentation.

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